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This data is according to a very interesting site

Very interestingly, according to this, the eCommerce market is so-o scattered here in Finland. And so evenly scattered. And the market shares are quite surprising. I still have to analyze these findings, and check this and that, so I’m not saying much here right now.

But one detail I have to mention: the 2019-04-17 data shows, that in Finland there are 9 490 web shops, while at the same time in Sweden there are 3x more, total of 28 188 shops. Well that is something! Wow! In comparison, there are 20 358 shops in Denmark, and in Norway 11 886 shops.

I found this while browsing the eCommerce comparison in

“BuiltWith is a website profiler, lead generation, competitive analysis and business intelligence tool providing technology adoption, ecommerce data and usage analytics for the internet.” – This is definitely worth checking out! >>

There’s a lot to see and learn in here.


This plugin, based on first impressions, is very very interesting… I have high hopes…let’s see…

Recent info & updates from the great Elementor.

WP plugin Display Posts – Easy lists, grids, navigation, and more.  This plug in is also happily used here in this site.

This WP Calculated Fields Form is useful. I haven’t tested or applied yet, but I will…

I really do recommend to have a look at this Slack. I have nothing but good to say about their solution and platform; it’s fast, intuitive, modern, straightforward… Go ahead and try – there’s a free plan also.

Elegant Themes mainostaa Black Friday tarjouksiaan, sivustoaan, tuotteitaan. Näin viestiä nykyään levitetään tehokkaasti ja aika lailla joka suunnalla ja suunnalle.

Hieno tavoiteltava palkinto, ja eri tavoin viestiä jakamalla saa lisää osallistumiskredittejä. Kuten minäkin tällä postauksella “saan 10 lisäkredittiä…” Oh well. Katso itse: . – a place to see for

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